Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment Solutions

At TLSoft, we have experienced designers, developers, quality assurance teams and project managers with technology expertise in Java, Microsoft, COBOL, Open Source and Mobile technologies. You can hire our developers for your project on a monthly basis.

Our teams work closely with our clients and provide timely deliveries. TLSoft has a highly gifted and competent work force. According to your project requirements, you can hire a programmer, hire a coder, hire a developer, hire a designer, or hire a web designer.

When you hire our staff, you don’t need to worry about infrastructure, recruitment and retention along with administration etc. for your assigned work.

Entire transactions from communication to delivery and customer assistance are assured to be seamless and transparent.

You Can Hire Our Staff to

  • Develop a new application or product
  • Enhance your existing system or product
  • Work as an extension to your team to develop and maintain your applications

Advantages of Our Hiring Dedicated Resources

  • Cost: When you hire dedicated resources; you don’t need to hire a full time employee for your company. This will lead to reduction in payroll and other infrastructure related costs.
  • Selection of resources: Large pool of highly skilled resources will be working with you on Java, COBOL, Microsoft, Mobile developer and Quality Assurance.
  • Control: When you hire dedicated resources, we simply allocate resource to you. Based on the technology, skill set required we will provide you access to communicate with them for better control over projects and constant understanding of deliveries. This will give you more control of all the activities.
  • Communication: All the resources will be in constant communication with you or your team or designated point of contact. We will deploy resources on a full time basis.
  • Point of Contact: We allocate Project Manager as a direct Point of Contact for different projects who is also managing developer’s teams. This Project Manager also takes responsible for communications and commercials like approval of Timesheets, raising Invoices etc.
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